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Starting out with a 1963 station wagon converted ambulance and a $300 donation from the Lady’s Police Auxiliary, the Point Marion Volunteer Fire Department began offering an ambulance service to the public in 1965 only as good Samaritans. Soon after, the State of Pennsylvania required ambulance personnel to have Red Cross advanced first aid training. In 1973 six members took one of the first organized state sponsored Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) classes offered called Emergency Ambulance Technician (EAT). In the mid 1980’s the ambulance service became a certified Basic Life Support (BLS) unit. Fostered by the continual need for advanced training, three members became Paramedics allowing the ambulance service to become a certified Advanced Life Support (ALS) unit in 1996. To date, the ambulance service has a volunteer staff of eight Paramedics, seven EMTs, and seven certified drivers; and remains as one of only three entirely volunteer ambulance services in the county. Email for more information.

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Since the establishment of the department in 1904, the Point Marion Volunteer Fire Department’s Fire Police have been overseeing the safety of all emergency personnel and bystanders at the scene of emergencies. Although they primarily provide traffic and crowd control on fire scenes, vehicle accidents and during public events, they also furnish the department with policing of private events held in the department. All members of the fire police are required to have basic fire police training and be sworn in under oath by the borough mayor. Additionally, the fire police are members of the Fayette County Fire Police Association. Currently there are over thirty members with basic training and eleven elected officers to represent the department. Email for more information.

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The Point Marion Volunteer Fire Department’s River Rescue team was formed in the mid 1980s after four members completed their first recreational dive training course. Twenty years later the River Rescue team remains in full force. With only a few original team members remaining, new life was brought to the team when a vibrant generation of members began seeking out the sport of diving complimented with swift water rescue training. The River Rescue team now has ten divers with varying training and experience, and a team of dedicated swift water rescuers who function as tenders during dives. Email for more information.

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