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Prior to 1904 the small borough of Point Marion subsisted without fire protection. But as the borough rapidly developed the need for such services became overwhelmingly apparent. Recognizing the need, a small group of residents attended a special borough council meeting on January 16, 1904 for the purpose of organizing a volunteer fire department. Two days later the first official meeting of the Point Marion Volunteer Fire Department was called to order.
By the end of the month work had already begun on the department’s By-Laws; tolling hammers (alarm bells) were installed at three local churches to summon members to alarms; and on February 8, 1904 the department approved the purchase of its first apparatus, a ladder wagon with over 30 feet of extension ladders, from the neighboring borough of Uniontown for a sum of $50.
The department remained the sole fire protection service for the borough until June of 1916 when residents of the Hill addition, known today as School House Hill, proclaimed the need for an independent service and ushered the creation of the Hill Top Hose Company. In July of 1916 the borough acknowledged the company as part of the Point Marion Volunteer Fire Department and both organizations merged into a single entity sometime the following year.
Throughout its existence the department has overcome many struggles including financial despair, wartime, and natural disasters, not unlike other departments across the country. Surviving the tests of time requires hard work and relentless effort by the members who compose any organization, big or small. On January 16, 2004 the Point Marion Volunteer Fire Department will have existed for 100 years, a testimony to the loyalty of its membership.
In honor of the incredible service the members have provided to the department and the borough of Point Marion, a history book entitled "Century of Courage: The Point Marion Volunteer Fire Department 1904 - 2004" has been published, encompassing the department's entire 100-year history. For details on ordering your copy, click here.

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